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Charlie's Meat

Pork Belly Sliced 火鍋豬腩片 (Frozen, 1 Lb)

Pork Belly Sliced 火鍋豬腩片 (Frozen, 1 Lb)

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Pork belly sliced (Frozen, 1 Lb) 

冰鮮豬腩片 (1磅) 

  • Hotpot Thin Sliced (thickness: 0.2-0.3cm)
  • Frozen
  • Tender, juicy with superior marbling 
  • Delicious in hotpot, Stir-fries, teriyaki, and steam Boat 
Weight (Approx.)
  • 1 LB/ pack
Status Raw. Cook before eating.
Brands Charlie's Meat 
Origins Canada 


Allergen Alert: We cannot guarantee that any items have not come into contact with PEANUTS, NUTS, or Others.

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Pork belly is a boneless cut of fatty meat from the belly of a pig.  Thinly sliced pork can be quickly cooked with delicious soup and served with dipping sauces. This pack is an excellent choice for a party of 2!

豬腩,即五花腩/豚肉,這部分脂肪較多,脂肪和肉的比例平均,十分適合打邊爐! 豬腩片厚薄適中,脂肪部分爽口不油膩,肉質鬆軟,超多肉汁!一包適合二人食用。
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