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Beef Short Rib 3 Bones

SKU: 1040-1040NC

Product: Beef Short Ribs 3 Bones

Product Code: 1040/ 1040NC

Weight (Approx.): Cut - 15 Kg per case; No Cut - 22 Kg per case.

Product Brands: Excel

Minimum purchase: Per Box.

Status: Frozen

Stock Level: In stock

Origins: U.S.

All the above images for illustration only that may not match the actual product. Prices will be changing on every Friday after 12 pm. We reserved all rights for prices accurate, prices are subject to change without notice. 以上所有圖像僅供參考,可能與實際產品不符。 價格將在每個星期五中午12點後更改。 我們保留所有價格的準確性,價格如有更改,恕不另行通知。